Find answers: applying and learning PINS basics

How can I join?

To become a member, fill out the online application form here or register the card you have received at one of the PINS Partners here.

I forgot my password/e-mail

There is a link to “I Forgot my password” in the upper right corner of web page. You will receive link to your e-mail and will be offered to choose new password. If you don’t remember the e-mail address you registered for the program, please contact PINS Member Service.

How to order a card?

If you like to receive a plastic PINS card, you can order it in “My account” section. 

I don’t want to receive any newsletters from PINS. What should I do?

You can manage your communication preferences in your account online. In case you need an advice, please contact PINS Member service.

Will I get member statements or other account related information by post?

No. You can view your PINS account information online. The amount of PINS you have is also shown in the upper right-hand corner of every PINS newsletter.

How do PINS expire?

All PINS collected at PINS partners are valid for 3 years (except for Executive and VIP status card owners). If these PINS are not spent within this time, they expire irreversibly on the day they were collected 3 years ago.

Can I transfer PINS from my account to another member’s account?

No, it is not possible to transfer PINS to another account, but you can create Friends and Family Account, where you can put PINS together with your friends and family members.


Remember that the person who invited you must first log out from his/her account, if you wish to accept the invitation from the same device.

I lost my card – what should I do? Will the PINS disappear?
How much does a new card cost?

Please contact PINS Member service, we will send you the new card by post within two weeks. No charges apply/It is for free. New card will be linked to the same account, so your PINS will be available there immediately.     

I have changed my surname – how do I change it? What should I do?

You can change your surname in the section “My account”. To verify the changes, you will have to enter a code that will be sent to your mobile. However, for the safety of your account, changing your name is only possible by contacting to Member Service.

How long does it take for me to receive PINS card?

It might take up to two weeks for your card to be delivered to your postal address. Make sure your address is correct in your profile.

I have 2 cards – can I combine PINS?

Yes, you can do it online here- just a few clicks away.

Find answers: collecting PINS

Where can I collect PINS?

A full list of partners who issue PINS can be found on our webpage, in the “Collect PINS” section.

Where is it possible to see all the places where PINS can be collected?

PINS have more than 700 Partners global, local and online. For your convenience all the Partners are available in our Partners map

Which partners do accept digital card in the PINS mobile app for collecting PINS?

Partners that accept digital card: airBaltic, Narvesen, Lux Express, Mamma Pasta, Tornis, Hercogs, Astor, Province, Salve, Bocca Bouna, Liva Hotel, Zinoo, Nikos Travel, Elfa Mebeles, Recure, X Dental, XSports, Hotel Bergs, Gallery Park Hotel, Tez Tour, Grand Rose SPA, ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa, Baltic Travel Service etc.

How do I keep track of whether I have received all my PINS and see my account balance?

We will inform you about your account status in our newsletters, but you can follow up your account status daily in your account statement in www.pinsforme.com

Log in to your account at www.pinsforme.com, using your e-mail and password. Click on “My Account” and then on “Account statement”. All of your collected PINS will be shown there.

Are there any exceptions for collecting PINS?

Some of the Partners might have exceptions on Collecting PINS, please look at Partners page at Collect section here.

How long does it take for me to receive PINS?

Please note that this may differ from Partner to Partner. It might take from 1 day up to 3 weeks. Precise information you can find in Partners pages in www.pinsforme.com.

How do I collect PINS on Airbaltic flights?

You can collect PINS on all regular airBaltic operated flights. The number of PINS you can collect on airBaltic flights depends on the amount spent on your particular flight and on its booking class. Please see the “Collect” section for the number of PINS. To collect PINS, you should enter your membership number when booking tickets and show your PINS card when checking in for your flights. The name and surname on your ticket must always match your PINS account details.

When will the PINS for a flight appear on my account?

PINS are usually credited within 7 days after the flight. If they do not appear in your account within 7 days after the flight, please fill out the form to claim the missing PINS online at www.pinsforme.com

Find answers: spending PINS

How many PINS do I need in order to get a reward?

You can get your reward starting from 500 PINS in our Rewards shop online.

How can I book PINS flights?

First, decide where you would like to go. Then, to book your PINS flight, contact the PINS Member Service, stating your name and surname, your PINS membership number, and let us know where you want to fly.

How much do PINS flights cost?

PINS flights are available from 3300 PINS. See the PINS and destinations table here: www.pinsforme.com

Should I book PINS flights in advance?

PINS flights should be booked well in advance: we recommend 3 to 7 months in advance.

Can I check the availability of PINS flights?

Tickets are subject to PINS flight seat availability on each route. You can find out the availability on a particular flight by contacting the PINS Member Service 

Can I give away/donate my PINS to someone?

Yes, you can donate any amount of PINS in online reward shop. There is an option to donate PINS with certain regularity and select certain amount – once per month, just once, all PINS in your account or specific amount of PINS.

Does PINS flight include a luggage allowance?

Economy class PINS flights include 8 kg hand luggage.
Business class PINS flights include 3 items of checked-in luggage, 30 kg total.

Are there any additional fees for PINS flights?

Airport taxes and add-on items (such as luggage, meal on board, insurance) must be covered separately. The amounts can vary depending on the destination.

Can I pay for a PINS flight with PINS and money?

No, PINS flights are only available for PINS: the amount shall cover the ticket fare.

Can I buy PINS flights for other people, such as my children or friends?

Yes, it is possible to buy PINS flights for other people if your PINS balance allows it.

What kind of tickets can be upgraded to business class?

Tickets that can be upgraded to Business class are Premium class tickets.

Narvesen bonus program

Is it possible to collect/spend PINS in Narvesen stores by using the digital card in PINS mobile app?

Yes, the digital card is accepted in Narve​sen stores, and the plastic card is not necessary.

If I already have a PINS card, can I use it in Narvesen stores?

Yes. Functionality of all PINS cards is the same, the only difference is in the design. If you already have a PINS card, you do not need to apply for a Narvesen card, but you may continue to use your existing PINS card.

How can I obtain a PINS card with Narvesen design?

If you already are a PINS member, continue to use the existing PINS card. If you wish to sign up for the PINS program and obtain the Narvesen design card, you have to enter the Narvesen promo code while filling in the registration fields. You can get the code in Narvesen stores by asking it to the salesperson. If you enter this code during the registration process, later when you order the card, you will receive a PINS card with the Narvesen design.

How can I collect PINS when shopping in Narvesen stores?

While shopping in Narvesen stores, you may collect PINS only for the goods in categories EAT/DRINK/READ. For example, you may collect PINS by purchasing a hot dog, a coffee or a magazine, but not by purchasing alcohol, cigarettes, transport tickets, other non-food products and Narvesen services. 

How many PINS will I collect by shopping in Narvesen stores?

You will collect 2 PINS per euro, but if you spend at least half a euro exceeding the purchase amount, you will get an extra 1 PINS. For example, 1 EUR = 2 PINS, 2 EUR = 4 PINS, 1,49 EUR = 2 PINS, 1,51 EUR = 3 PINS.

How can I spend PINS when shopping in Narvesen stores?

While shopping in Narvesen stores, you may use PINS to pay for any purchase. The purchase does not need to be from the categories EAT/DRINK/READ. You can also choose the amount of money you wish to cover by PINS and pay the rest with cash or credit card.

I received a PINS card in a Narvesen store and I have started collecting PINS, but I cannot spend PINS with it.

If you received the card in a Narvesen store, you have to register it in PINS mobile app or on the website pins.co/register. Only once the card is registered, you will be able to spend the collected PINS.

I thought that the PINS card I received in the Narvesen store is different from the black PINS card, and now I have two cards. What should I do?

If you have two PINS cards, you can join them here. Please note that you may merge the accounts no more than 2 times a year.

What should I do if I have forgotten my PINS card at home but I wish to collect PINS for making a purchase in a Narvesen store?

If you have forgotten your plastic PINS card, you can use the digital card in PINS mobile app. If you do not have the mobile app, you can download it here. Unfortunately, if you do not present the digital card or the plastic card when making a purchase, you will not be able to collect PINS. Post-registration of Narvesen receipts is also not possible.

I have lost my PINS card. May I receive a new card in a Narvesen store?

No, if the card is lost/stolen, you have to fill in the form or contact PINS Member Service. That way, you will receive a replacement card, and all the collected PINS will be transferred from the previous card to the new one.