In addition to operating direct flights to more than 60 destinations from the three Baltic capitals Riga, Vilnius, and Tallinn, airBaltic also provides non-stop flights across Scandinavia.

Thanks to the vast selection of flights and conveniences offered to transit passengers, airBaltic has become a regional leader. For the last four years, airBaltic has been at the top of global accuracy indicator lists. In 2014, 2015 and 2017 airBaltic was acknowledged the most punctual airline in the world.

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Collect PINS

Collect PINS every time you fly airBaltic operated scheduled flights.

For each EUR spent on  a Basic Class tickets 1 PINS
For each EUR spent on a Premium Class tickets 2 PINS
For each EUR spent on a Business Class tickets 3 PINS

You will receive PINS for the fare paid and the eligible fees included in the total amount of the ticket, such as taxes and fuel charges. PINS will only be given for flights operated by airBaltic and the amount of money spent on them.

How to collect?

Provide your membership number when purchasing airBaltic tickets and at the check-in for the flight.

  • Ticketing systems and online check-in systems will accept membership number only after the PINS account is activated. 

  • PINS collected by only one member are credited to the account after the membership number is activated. 

  • Remember that you will be able to collect PINS only for your own flights, therefore the passenger’s first name and surname on the ticket should match the first name and surname registered in the PINS account.

  • Only the PINS account holder, who actually flies on airBaltic flight, can get PINS, even if the travel tickets are purchased by someone else.

Missing PINS

In some cases, PINS may not be automatically accrued to your PINS account even if the card was presented to the ticket desk or check-in counter. 

  • PINS can be retro claimed within 6 months after the flight date

  • For newly enrolled members, PINS can be registered for journeys that took place up to 30 days before registering for the program. 

It’s easy to keep track of your PINS using the Account Statement. If you notice that some of your PINS are missing, you can make a claim. 

How to claim missing PINS

  • Claim missing PINS online via your PINS account (no earlier than 10 days after the flight). The PINS will be accrued to your account within 21 day.

  • Or provide the flight date/flight number/PINS number/name/surname to the PINS Member Service

Please note that new members can not register PINS online, but only by contacting the PINS Member Service

PINS for cancelled flights

If you are involuntarily transferred from airBaltic to another airline or other means of transport, you may request PINS for your original flight itinerary. 

No PINS will be given for unused, refunded, or expired tickets.

airBaltic Frequent Flyer Program Terms & Conditions