Tervisetestid.ee is the largest health products e-store in Estonia. Person interested in health knows that from us he can find the best selection of rapid home tests and equipment to quick and accurate detection of various health problems:

  • Cancer risk tests
  • genetic tests
  • Sexual disease tests and HIV rapid test
  • allergy tests
  • food intolerance tests
  • planning a baby tests
  • inhalers and thermometers
  • blood pressure monitors
  • hemoglobin and cholesterol meters
  • nutritional supplements, sports products and a lot more related to good health and well-being

We believe that a more active role in caring of your health you take, the better the health and well-being you achieve. Do not settle doubts or only relief of symptoms. Do not worry in vain or cure yourself with medicines purchased over the counter at a pharmacy. Our health tests and various diagnostic tools will come to rescue you. We will help you to identify health problems first, and then you can start looking for the right solution.


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