Paskolų klubas

Paskolų klubas is the largest and fastest growing mutual lending platform in Lithuania. The platform is an intermediary, among borrowers who have high creditworthiness and who want to borrow money from investors.  Therefore, investing in inter-lending, you can expect higher returns than investing in other traditional fixed income products, for example deposit1.

Investors can now expect about 10-16% annual return. Almost two years of operation, investors have already received more than EUR 600 000 euro interest. Investors have already funded more than EUR 8,000,000 in loans. The average interest rate received by investors here is 17.5%2

Paskolu klubas also offers debt repayment and collateral fund services that further reduce the investment risk. Paskolu klubas team consists of senior banking experts in the field of consumer loans, bank management and risk assessment. The Bank of Lithuania supervises Paskolu klubas. More than 5,000 investors have already joined the loan club's investors.

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  1. Average deposit interest rates according to the periods are published by Lithuanian bank here: Average Paskolų klubas interest rates by periods are published here:
  2. Calculating average from 2015 December till 2017 September inclusive.

Collect PINS

Become a new investor, invest from 50 eur during 90 days period and collect 1 000 PINS

Terms and conditions

You must register as a new investor in PINS will be credited after investment not less than 50 eur will be done in 90 days period after the registration.

Crediting the PINS & claiming missing PINS

After the transaction at this partner the PINS will be credited to your account within: 7 days

If you notice that some PINS you have received are missing, please contact PINS Member Service.

If you have had a transaction at this partner and forgot to show your PINS card, you can claim your missing PINS by contacting our Member Service. You will have to provide a copy of your purchase check, reservation or invoice for us to verify the transaction. To be eligible for claiming missing PINS you need to be a PINS member on the date of the transaction.

The time after the transaction you can claim your missing PINS at this partner: 6 months