Luminor is a contemporary, new-generation bank and financial services provider in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with a deep understanding of local markets and customer needs. Built on the long-term experience of the two leading Nordic banks, Nordea and DNB, Luminor is the third-largest financial services provider in the Baltic region, with a market share of 16% in deposits and 23% in lending. With its customer base of 1.3 million clients and its team of 3000 professionals, Luminor aims to become a leading financial services provider for Baltic businesses and entrepreneurial people.

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Collect PINS

For each 1,50 EUR spent

Pack up PINS for virtually everything you charge to your PINS credit card, including everyday purchases like petrol, groceries, or lunch with friends!

Order PINS credit card now!

Apply for PINS credit card from your PINS member profile: just log in to your profile, go to About > Payment cards > choose one of Baltic countries >Apply now


Just fill out the card application form at any Luminor bank branch and a Luminor bank consultant will contact you!

If you are a resident of Lithuania press here
If you are a resident of Estonia press here 
If you are a resident of Latvia press here
* PINS MasterCard is available only to residents of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Travel insurance

PINS credit card offers you travel insurance by the Finnish branch of Chartis Europe S.A., part of the world’s largest group of insurance companies. Chartis serves 40 million clients in over 160 countries all over the world. PINS credit card travel insurance includes:

  • Medical insurance 
  • Luggage (delay, lost luggage) 
  • Trip cancellation 
  • Trip interruption 
  • Missed connecting flight 
  • Liability coverage 

The insurance covers cardholders between the ages of 16–78 on trips lasting up to 35 days.

For more information regarding insurance conditions, please see the PINS credit card page on Luminor websites:,,

Crediting the PINS & claiming missing PINS

After the transaction at this partner the PINS will be credited to your account within: 2 days

If you notice that some PINS you have received are missing, please contact PINS Member Service.

If you have had a transaction at this partner and forgot to show your PINS card, you can claim your missing PINS by contacting our Member Service. You will have to provide a copy of your purchase check, reservation or invoice for us to verify the transaction. To be eligible for claiming missing PINS you need to be a PINS member on the date of the transaction. 

The time after the transaction you can claim your missing PINS at this partner: 3 months