Privacy policy

1 Name of the register

PINS member register

2 The Registrar


Address: Mukusalas 42, Riga, LV-1004, Latvia

Business ID: 40103273540

3 The registrar contact 

Janis Zeps

+ 371 28606414

4 Personal Data

When using the PINS mobile application (PINS App), we may ask you to submit and we may process your geographic location data, data that is personal to you, including but not limited to your name, user ID and password, phone number, e-mail and mail addresses, or ask to subscribe to newsletters or request feedback.

The personal data you submit to the PINS App will be treated with utmost care and respect. PINS will use it to fulfill our obligations during the handling and administration of accrual, redemption of PINS as well as providing you with the best commercial offers.

We may process such Personal Data as required for the purposes of, inter alia, marketing, correctly identifying you, properly supplying services or goods to you, and responding to your contacts or contacting you, for proper operation of loyalty program, system testing, maintenance and development, customer relations.

5 Disclosure of personal data to third parties

For the above purposes, and subject to any product you have chosen, we may need to disclose and transfer your personal data to companies which form a part of PINS or our PINS partners or data processing companies working on our behalf, travel agencies, governments and enforcement agencies, credit card companies, which may involve sending your personal data outside the European Union and the European Economic Area under “Safe Harbor” rules.

We may compile data on the usage, traffic volumes, transactions and other related statistics of PINS web site and PINS App and we may process and analyse such data. We may also acquire such data on aggregate levels from reputable third parties or disclose such data to them. Aggregate level data shall not be de-compiled or reduced to Personal Data or other information regarding any particular person.

6 Direct marketing communications

In order to present offers and services that we believe are of particular interest to you, PINS may use your personal and geographic location data for marketing and communication purposes. You can opt out from receiving these marketing communications at any time.

PINS will never allow a third party to use your personal data for marketing and communication purposes.

7 The register contains 

The register contains the following information:

7.1. Basic information about the member

 • Name
 • Phone number
 • Postal address
 • E-mail address
 • Date of birth
 • Language
 • Sex
 • Number of persons in the member’s household
 • Number of minor children

7.2. PINS membership information

 • PINS membership start date
 • PINS card number
 • PINS card type
 • Information about the financial institution of the PINS payment card or other type of PINS card.
 • Membership level
 • Parallel card number and basic information about their respective holders
 • PINS members online identification
 • Any PINS members information (e.g. membership of the airline, the data belonging to a member of the staff of the partner)

7.3. PINS card usage information

 • The number of PINS (cumulative data)
 • Information about badges entitling the holder to purchase events, such as the place of purchase and date of receipt of the final sum (category or product level), receipt number, method of payment, purchases made for the PINS
 • Information on the use of PINS, such as PINS partner, redeemed product, etc.

7.4. Marketing and communications data

 • Marketing of the prohibitions or permissions
 • Member newsletters and ordered correspondence statements
 • Marketing applied by the data, such as data measurement for mail with details of the opening.

8 Security

We offer very high security against loss, misuse and unauthorised access to your personal data and payment details. PINS App keeps all your personal information in the device secure password management system (keychain for iOS, userpreferences for Andriod). Processing and data transfer between PINS App and our server is secured using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

9 Links to third party websites

Please be aware that this privacy policy applies only to the PINS App. Since our PINS App may contain links to other websites, we advise you to consult the privacy policies of these websites prior to submitting any personal data. We cannot be held responsible for any data shared when visiting other websites.